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Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph

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Known as "Rockin' Memories" when they perform live, Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph specialize in 50s & 60s music, but are in no way limited to that genre. With Bruce's extensive background in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Big-Band, Blues, Country - and a host of other realms, and Pam's ability to vocally lay out power, feel, & phrasing that will knock your senses for a massively dynamic journey as well - you can be guaranteed an unforgettable experience when you witness "Rockin' Memories" in action!

Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph have joined forces professionally (AND personally -- they married in February, 2004!) to bring you some of the most enjoyable music & entertainment you will see ANYWHERE! Pam Barker's powerful, yet DYNAMIC vocal style, along with her charismatic presence onstage has been consistently winning audiences over without fail. Combine that with Bruce Rudolph's unique arranging & performing abilities (drums & keyboards), and the result is a quality combination that consistently leaves their audiences demanding return engagements!


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