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I was born in the backwoods of St. Paul on a steamy day in August. The trees were full, the pollen was thick and the Germans were in a good mood.

I remember my first toy… a microphone. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. At that point in time my eyesight was good but my reach was lousy so I decided to fashion the mic cord into a lasso. With apologies to the dog for making him look like the perpetrator, I was pleased that it took my mother two days to figure out how those Hummels made it into my crib.

After some time, my parents recognized my love of sound and at age 7 I was allowed to commandeer the family tape recorder. For the next few years I drooled over the only thing standing between me and covertly recorded conversations-turned-chipmunk-hysterics; a fresh set of Eveready’s.

Broadcasting school proved to whet my appetite for more recording and editing time. Going live on the air wasn’t really my thing and, in my mind, the classes never provided enough time to put together some really cool stuff.

Enter Bruce Rudolph.

In 1996 Bruce and I teamed up to help a transportation company that needed some radio spots.

We were introduced by a manager who knew of our respective talents and we immediately clicked.

Blessed with Bruce’s musical prowess and very similar senses of taste and humor, we began to discover the genius of tangents… either musically or in the ad copy… that tied the message together like none we had heard on the air before. Today, the sessions are much less like work and more like the evolution of art.

BRP is proud to have produced many unique and effective radio spots… Click on the links (below) to hear a montage of some of our past radio spots and what BRP can do for your radio advertising needs!

Today’s business demands that you stand out from the crowd and BRP offers something that goes well beyond the normal forgettable fare that ends up on the air. If you’re interested in producing an affordable message that pulls in the listener with creative writing and outstanding custom music, look no further!


BRP Montage of past Radio Spots

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